Wizard gets cuddly with Awww, So Cute!


Feline fans are treated to an adorable experience with its latest Wizard Games release, Awww, So Cute! With the cuddly new title packed with fluffy kittens, carefully designed to make hearts melt and plenty of winning features to purr over.

Game details available here.

Wizard Games delivers value-driven iGaming experiences for regulated markets around the world, combining time-tested recipes with fresh, innovative ideas. The studio’s portfolio currently includes over 120 titles certified for more than 20 regulated jurisdictions in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Managing Director, Joey Hurtado, says: “We are big fans of all things cute here at Wizard Games and this new release has a ‘cute-o-meter’ rating that is off the scale. As well as offering a thoroughly cuddly experience through its immaculate presentation, this game has a feature set that provides plenty of excitement. We believe it is a title that will appeal to players in markets worldwide, as we continue to roll out new styles of games that appeal to a wide demographic.”