Win’s WIGOS is ready for a CMS revolution at G2E


Leading provider of technology for the gaming and entertainment industry, Win Systems, has announced plans for its Systems Division ahead of the upcoming G2E in Las Vegas. The company aims to continue driving the unstoppable growth of its renowned casino management system, WIGOS, already installed in 380+ casinos around the world.

The main novelty is the player app, WINUP. On the one hand, WINUP allows easy management of player funds to recharge the WINUP Wallet and connect to the machine to play. WINUP Wallet can also be used in the open loop. In addition, WINUP also allows the casino to offer multiple services to the player through the app, such as access to the Players Club, as well as other services offered by the operator such as machine reservations, food and beverage, etc. The app can even connect to the casino’s online gaming, if available. In this way, WINUP is much more than just a powerful loyalty and communication tool with the player, it is the first step towards the omnichannel offer of the casino.

Win Systems will also show its new generation of InTouch displays, with the launch of its InTouch Pro and InTouch 5 range, including new features such as high-resolution video, sound system, NFC reader, notifications and a new interactive design that will exponentially boost the player experience.  

WIGOS will also present its new themed jackpot, which stands out for having three progressive levels and for including a daily event in which players can participate to win additional prizes for a limited time.

Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, explains: “The strong growth we have been experiencing with WIGOS in recent times encourages us to continue developing new and better solutions to optimise casino management and, above all, maximise the player experience. In addition, and thanks to the efforts of all our fantastic team, we will also present the new generation of InTouch displays and our new theme system jackpot, which are totally different from the products we had so far.”