Why does HITMAN 3 have mixed reviews on Steam?

IO Interactive officially released its eighth installment of the Hitman series, the Hitman 3, on January 20, 2021. It was exclusively available on the Epic Games Store. Finally, Hitman 3 ends its exclusivity period and becomes available on Steam a year later.

Despite the game being exceptionally well crafted and offering spectacular gameplay, Steam reviews haven’t been very kind to the game. Despite being a good game, many users admitted that IO Interactive’s pricing is letting down its fans.

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Hitman 3 gets mixed reviews on Steam

Older games in the series like Hitman 2 and Hitman (2016) boast a “Very Positive” rating on Steam from over 20 thousand users. While the latest Hitman 3 currently holds a “Mixed” rating from 518 users, it is not because the game is terrible.

The primary reason users post negative reviews is the game’s price on Steam. The game is currently available on Steam at $60, the same price as when the game launched on Epic Games Store.

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Hitman 3 gets Mixed reviews on Steam (Image via Steam)

This pricing was a major turn-off for several users, and players complained about not offering any launch discount on Steam. Many believe that a year-old game should not be priced the same as when launched.

Though the game was available at a massive discount during Epic’s holiday sale, where players can get the game only for $13.99 by using Epic’s $10 free coupon, it has now jumped back to $60 on both platforms.

A review on Steam read:

“60€ for a game that’s a year old. No discounts for any of the games, no franchise sale, no discount for people that own H1 and H2 on Steam. Nothing. No wonder they were hiding the Steam page until the very last moment, coordinating release with Valve”

Here are a few negative Steam reviews on Hitman 3

“Great game. However, Extortionate price(s) for a short year old game. Get it on sale”

“Some of the worst pricing I have ever seen when the game is already out for 1 year and getting discounts on Epic. Again IO does the same thing that they did with Hitman 2 with putting all these confusing editions to buy.”

“It kinda bothers me to leave a negative review for one of my favorite game series of all time, but IOI really botched this release.”

Many players aren’t ready to pay the total price of the game on Steam, especially when the Hitman series is available on Xbox Game Pass. Players are now waiting to get the game when it is available at a discounted price.

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