Who is Atreus in God of War?

God of War brought plenty of new characters like Atreus into the series with the soft reboot in 2018. The franchise has had an entire trilogy and spinoff games with Greek characters. But the son of Kratos is entirely new to the Norse saga.

That means anyone jumping into the 2018 soft reboot for the first time will have an initial introduction to Atreus without any history. Learning about the son of Kratos and everyone around him can be a lot to absorb, but it certainly helps to learn about them to follow the main story more easily.

Atreus is an important part of God of War going forward

Early in the game, players will see Kratos and Atreus at their humble house in Midgard. Atreus is the son of Kratos and the second child of the Spartan overall. However, the first child of Kratos was killed by him in Greece due to foul play by Ares. His second child is his only one and appears to be just before puberty in the soft reboot.

Throughout the game, the story is mainly about the coming of age process and being a father for Kratos. Because of Kratos’s bloodline, as his father is Zeus, Atreus is also part god. His mother is a giantess warrior from Jotunheim, making him part giant. As for the name that Kratos chose for his son, it comes from his previous Spartan Leader when he lived in Greece.

There is much more to Kratos’ son, though, and those revelations come towards the end of the game. His true nature will be detailed below, but beware of some serious spoilers ahead.

What is the real name of Kratos’ son?

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The son of Kratos has a hidden name. (Image via Sony)

When Kratos and his son made their way to Jotunheim, it was revealed that Laufey referred to their son as Loki. While that wasn’t the typical name that they stuck with, it was how she referred to him as she spoke to other giants in the realm and made her prophecy.

All that means is Loki is the son of Kratos in God of War, which explains why Loki is never mentioned in the game. There are only some hints as to the true nature of Kratos’ son in the game, and more is sure to be revealed with the release of Ragnarok.

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