Where to bring Mohg's Great Rune in Elden Ring

Some of the most powerful items in Elden Ring are the Great Runes, and just like all the others, players will need to bring Mohg’s Great Rune to a tower for attunement. Without attuning the rune that is earned from his defeat, players won’t be able to equip it.

Most of the Great Runes in the game are connected to a unique Divine Tower in the Lands Between. Though these towers can have additional dungeons within, such as the version in Caelid, reaching the top typically means reaching a new rune attunement location.

However, Mohg’s Great Rune is essentially a duplicate, which makes the process a bit easier.

Bringing Mohg’s Great Rune to a Divine Tower in Elden Ring

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This tower is the shared location of Morgott’s Rune. (Image via FromSoftware)

The tower that Mohg’s Great Rune is tied to in Elden Ring is the Divine Tower of East Altus. Beyond the gameplay loop of bringing runes to towers, there is a lore-based reason for the location as well.

Both Mohg and Morgott have their rune attunement locations in the same spot and it is no mistake. They are brothers and they are tied together, which also affects other paths in the game as well.

Taking Mohg’s Great Rune to the Divine Tower of East Altus:

  • The Divine Tower of East Altus is found before the lift that leads to the Forbidden Lands.
  • This is the same lift taken right after leaving Leyndell to go north.
  • Instead of taking the main lift, take a right after entering and head towards the tower.
  • If the player has not been here yet, everything will go dark and the Fell Twins boss will appear.
  • These must be defeated to progress to the tower.
  • There is no further danger, but players can head to the top with a lift and attune their Mohg rune.
  • If players have been there before, they can simply use the Lost Grace Site.

Anyone who has already attuned the rune of Morgott will know exactly where to go and they won’t need to worry about most of the listed steps.

What does Mohg’s Great Rune do in Elden Ring?

The description for Mohg’s rune is a bit confusing, but the idea is to help players that are invading someone else’s world. For those that enjoy invading, they can equip this rune at a site of Lost Grace and pop a Rune Arc.

When entering the invasion world, a Phantom Rune is given, which can be used to increase the strength of enemies in the area. This will cost some HP, but if the invaded player gets attacked by enemies in their game, they will likely face defeat.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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