When will Battlefield 2042 come to Xbox Game Pass

Battlefield 2042 was a nightmare of a release in 2021, but its appearance on the Xbox Game Pass could throw it a new lease of life.

Battlefield 2042 was DICE and EA’s ambitious addition to the Battlefield series. Before its release, Battlefield V was the last game and its predecessor in 2018. DICE decided to go back to the modern setting following a tryst with the past, and expectations were relatively high.

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But the game fell short, and it didn’t take the fans too long to realize that. The reviews were harsh, and the game quickly became one of the worst-reviewed games on Steam. Such has been the debacle that Steam even offered the players a refund outside of the refund period.

But an entry to the Netflix-like service Xbox Game Pass could be the first right step to take in the journey of salvaging the game.

Battlefield 2042 will be coming on Xbox Game Pass

Since Xbox Game Pass is typing up with the EA Play, almost all the EA titles are available at no extra cost on PCs and consoles. The only exceptions are recent releases like FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042. But the reason to believe that both will appear on EA Play and the Xbox Game Pass is based on history.

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The game’s predecessors, FIFA 21 and Battlefield V were also standalone releases. Battlefield V came to EA and Origin Access back in 2019, while FIFA 21 entered EA Play in 2021.

There are two possible windows for Battlefield 2042’s entry on EA Play. If the entry pattern is based on FIFA 21, it should be around April 2022. However, if it follows Battlefield V’s entry to EA and Origin Access, it should be in June 2022.

As things stand, Battlefield 2042 has been under a lot of fire. Irrespective of DICE’s repairs, the game will be dead if it doesn’t have players.

Coming on EA Play and subsequently on the Xbox Game Pass will bring a lot of new players. These players may not have chosen to buy the game separately but will surely like to give it a go since it will be added to the pass.

Hence, April 2022 seems to be the more practical window when Battlefield 2042 can enter the Xbox Game Pass. However, these are all speculations, and only time will tell if and when Battlefield 2042 will arrive on the Xbox Game Pass.

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