What does Crystal Bud do in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring lets players craft the items they need with their own hands, which has given the Soulsborne franchise a new horizon. This common feature amongst open-world games completely revolutionized the familiar format.

Crafting items are hugely important in Elden Ring, as countless random plants, body parts, and magical artifacts can be turned into weapons and tools. Some items, like the Crystal Bud, can be used to create a unique variety of items that serve different purposes.

Crystal Bud in Elden Ring

The Crystal Bud is a crafting item in the game, and it plays a part in crafting three items. Each item will require a Crystal Bud and some other important pieces to create.

The first item players can create with the Crystal Bud is the Cuckoo Glintstone. This small stone uses a bit of FP to fire a bolt of magical energy. It does minor damage but works as a ranged attack. Players will need the Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook [1] to use the recipe. This recipe will require one Crystal Bud and one Cracked Crystal.

Once players have acquired the Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook [5], they can craft two new items with the Crystal Bud. The Magic Grease can be crafted with Root Resin and Crystal Bud. It coats the user’s weapons, which will inflict additional magical damage when used.

The same Cookbook will grant players the recipe for Drawstring Magic Grease. This item is extremely similar to the Magic Grease, with an added piece of String in the crafting stage. The Drawstring Magic Grease also coats the weapon and deals magic damage, but it does so faster and its duration is reduced.

Where to get Crystal Bud?

The Crystal Bud can be used to piece together several useful items, but first players will have to find one. Crystal Bud is dotted around one particular area and can be reliably farmed.

Crystal Buds can be found growing near trees, primarily in the Liurna of the Lakes area. Elden Ring players can also find the bud in the cliffs near Stormveil Castle.

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