Warzone player shows off what a little belief and good timing can achieve

Raven Software might not be able to deliver with Warzone when it comes to removing bugs and glitches aptly, but the community still believes in coming out victorious against all odds. The official subreddit for the Call of Duty Battle Royale is a gold mine full of gameplay clips of players less known but with skills that are in-line with the pros. A recent post showcased what players can achieve with a bit of good timing and a lot of belief in themselves.

The redditor u/spideyjiri posted a clip of his duo Rebirth Island partner clutching the game with a perfect self-revive and throwing knife. Throwing knives is one of the most overused lethal equipment in the game to finish off knocked players. However, since these lethal knives have the capability to eliminate players with a single tap, it is a risk worth taking in extreme scenarios.

Warzone Rebirth Island is filled with players winning games with the perfect throw

In the video posted by u/spideyjiri, his teammate was involved in a two versus one scenario as he clean swiped one opponent from a height advantage with a Welgun. After finishing the kill with a sniper, the player decided to take cover, realizing the last player was behind him. However, he got caught in the open and barely reached the fence in time before he was beamed and knocked.

The player managed to self-revive himself just in time to get up and shove a throwing knife right in the face of the opponent who was pushing to finish the knock. The clutch takes place in such a smooth manner and has gained more than 2800 upvotes on the sub-reddit.

Multiple players have appreciated the communication between the duo and the insane smoothness with which the play was made.

Another similar knife clutch was also spotted where the player finished the game by simply tossing a knife onto his target and knocking the team over. Throwing knives might seem a bit overpowered in these clips, but they also serve as the most satisfying item to finish an opponent in Warzone.

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