Twitch streamer CashMeow’s eventful week in Japan: Physically assaulted before experiencing an earthquake

Over the last week, Twitch streamer CashMeow has made internet news twice by being assaulted on the streets of Japan, as well as experiencing a 7.3 magnitude earthquake for around two minutes straight.

The first incident happened only two days ago. It started when a group of rowdy tourists were harassing some girls at a restaurant the streamer was sitting at, so he decided to get their attention to help the girls. After a small confrontation between the streamer and the group, the streamer attempted to see if he could find any footage of them harassing him as proof for the police.

“They broke my equipment. I wouldn’t be pursuing this to any degree if they hadn’t broken my sh*t.”

However, he was suddenly surrounded by the group who were now beating him to the ground, which was all caught on stream.

Note: Distressing content ahead.

After getting beat up, he got back up and limped to his table while saying he’s grateful his phone wasn’t broken or stolen.

“Well, at least they didn’t get my cellphone…”

Shortly after that, he paused his stream, leaving many viewers to worry about the wellbeing of CashMeow. He later returned to his stream to assure everyone that he was ok. However, only a few days later, he suffered another unfortunate circumstance, making this one of the most eventful weeks he’s ever had.

CashMeow experiences an earthquake two days after getting assaulted on stream

The streamer was filming and broadcasting the room where he was staying in Japan, when a sudden earthquake started to shake the room. The streamer was unprepared for the earthquake, but quickly became excited that he would get to experience one on stream. He said:

“Oh this is huge. Big one. Woah! Let’s f**kin go, baby! Let’s do it!”

However, CashMeow’s attitude quickly changed as the earthquake became more and more severe. He started warning that if any of his audience lived in Japan, they should find a safe place to hide until the earthquake had run its course.

“Sheesh! Be careful! Get under something! This is a big a** one!”

The earthquake was reported to have a magnitude of 7.3, certainly more than the average tremors that can be felt by lower-scale earthquakes. He said he had never experienced an earthquake so severe before, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from livestreaming.

After being beaten up and experiencing a huge earthquake two days later, CashMeow has certainly had quite an eventful week of unfortunate luck, but it seems like he’s been attempting to make the most of these situations by staying positive and not letting these unlucky situations ruin his streams.

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