Top 5 mods to download for Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most beloved multiplayer experiences in the gaming world, and it has made its mark in the genre ever since its launch seven years ago. Although the game is a pure and simple masterpiece, there are still a few improvements that could be made to make it even better.

There are around 900 mods available for Psyonix’s automotive soccer game, most of which are cosmetic overhauls for the game. Although trying to run too many mods simultaneously will likely crash the game, these five mods are must-haves for PC players.

5 best Rocket League Mods

Rocket League mods occasionally fix small issues players have with the game, but they also add an entirely new gameplay experience. These mods add fun and interesting new features to an already beloved game.

1) Rocket League Obstacle Course #1

  • By: French Fries
  • Release Date: August 18, 2016

Players who are unhappy with the game’s training mode will be pleasantly surprised by the Obstacle Course #1. The course is a challenging series of difficult environments that forces players to master the driving, handling, and boosting mechanics of the cars before taking on opponents.

This game mode grants infinite boosts and requires players to avoid an endless supply of blue and white boxes. The course contains multiple levels and allows players to learn by practicing.

2) Race_Night

  • By: southtwitch
  • Release date: September 3, 2016

As another thrilling mode, this introduces something akin to the wildest GTA V driving challenges. This race challenge tasks players with completing a high-flying course and records results with a leaderboard feature to measure success.

Race_night is very popular and acclaimed mod that introduces a fun distraction to the game. It is a simple idea that is executed very well by the modder. Players can attempt the course again and again to set the best time while polishing their skills.

3) SARPBC Stadium

  • By: southtwitch
  • Release date: November 19, 2016

Some Rocket League players might not know this, but this hit game is actually a sequel. Psyonix previously produced the lesser-known Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars in 2008.

Although the newer game is an overwhelming improvement, this mod introduces a beloved map from its predecessor. By respecting the game’s pedigree, this mod stands out as a unique one on this list.

4) Dominus NEON mod+ glowengine 2.0 + var decal

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Power of the glow (Image via
  • By: HurricaneModding
  • Release Date: October 23, 2021

There are several Rocket League mods out there that provide cosmetic and visual improvements, which makes it tough to pick one. However, this neon mod adds a beautiful lighting style to the already futuristic cars for a striking sci-fi look.

This simple mod allows players to add glowing decals and neon lights to their cars. While simple, it is a huge aesthetic change that looks fantastic in motion.

5) FreePlay Map Selector

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Choose your arena (Image via
  • By: Kylethebat
  • Release date: August 18, 2016

This mod for the game allows players to choose from a variety of maps while playing in free play mode. This allows players to try out each map and different strategies for them.

This is a feature that should be present in the game but isn’t. This mod fixes that issue. Modders in the Rocket League community have put in hard work to make the game better by improving different aspects of it.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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