The Missing Miner Genshin Impact world quest guide

Genshin Impact 2.6 has introduced a ton of new world quests for players to complete, and many of them can be found in The Chasm. This new area is a massive addition, giving users the chance to explore an underground cavern that extends deep beneath Liyue.

Fans will want to complete this huge new site, as they can gain tons of rewards and rare items during their journey. The Missing Miner is one new world quest that shouldn’t take gamers too much work to complete.

Genshin Impact 2.6: The Missing Miner quest guide

This Genshin Impact world quest can be found in The Chasm’s underground portion, beginning in the Underground Waterway area. Fans will need to locate an item called the Work Handbook resting on a table and interact with it to begin this quest.

To get to the book, they’ll need to climb through a hollow tree trunk and follow it down into a small room. The book will be slightly highlighted as gamers get close to it, making it easier to spot.

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The book can be found here (Image via WowQuests)

Once players reach the book, they can interact with it, which will give them some extra information on the background of the quest, and cause an NPC named Uncle He to spawn out of nowhere. He will speak to users, providing exposition on the quest, and then requesting for them to bring him some Mushroom Meat.

To get Mushroom Meat, individuals will need to head out of the tree trunk and begin collecting nearby Starshrooms.

Collecting Mushroom Meat

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Starshrooms hold Mushroom Meat (Image via WowQuests)

This Mushroom Meat that Uncle He wants can be found just outside of where his notebook is, in the form of glowing Starshrooms. Upon collecting these items, players will be attacked by several Floating Fungi, and these squishy enemies don’t put up much of a threat.

They can take a while to kill if users aren’t prepared for them, but defeating the group shouldn’t be tough. After this, individuals will speak to Uncle He again, and the quest will almost be completed.

Bring Uncle He back to base camp

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Uncle He and Jinwu are reunited (Image via Genshin Impact)

To complete this Genshin Impact world quest, players simply need to head back to the Chasm’s base camp and speak to Jinwu. This will begin a cutscene in which Uncle He and Jinwu are reunited, though He’s exposure to Mushroom Meat has left him quite different.

Still, they are excited to see that he has survived the Chasm and thank gamers by rewarding them with some great items. Fans can get these rewards for completing this quest:

  • 30x Primogems
  • 3x Heroes Wits
  • 250x Adventure Rank EXP
  • 30,000x Mora

Fans will definitely want to finish this short quest, as it only takes a few minutes and has some great rewards.

Genshin Impact 2.6’s newest update has brought players tons of content to explore, and this new quest is a great way to get some easy rewards.

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