“Thank god I’ve got a steel titan neck”: Tyler1 narrates the story of his battle against ‘ice giant’

Tyler “Tyler1” Stienkamp narrates a hilarious story of his battle against an ice giant when a viewer asked him why he was late to stream earlier today.

As he went on to tell his side of the story about the reason behind him being late, he told his viewers about his intense fight with an ‘ice giant’ while doing his house chores. While narrating the fictitious story, he mentioned that he has a steel titan neck and nothing can get past it.

“I had all my bloodrush. I turned slowly and it hit my neck. But thank god I got a steel titan neck. Ain’t nothing going through it.”

Tyler1 has been busy with his support challenge. Earlier today, he started to stream a bit later than usual. A viewer from his stream asked why he was late and for this he had a very goofy answer.

Tyler1 describes his epic battle against an ice giant

Tyler started off by mentioning that while doing his daily household chores, he noticed an ice giant. He continued to talk about his epic quest and narrated how the ice giant popped out of the ground as he was carrying out his daily chores.

“This is what actually happened. Bro, I was getting my trash out there, like I am a man of culture and I have to do the chores of the house because I am 26. That’s crazy.”

“When I was taking out the trash bro, an ice giant popped up out of the f***king ground.”

“There’s snow everywhere and it pulled an icicle out of the tree out there and it threw it at me like a javelin.”

Tyler then mentioned that there was a lot of snow around his house. Due to this, the ice giant was able to pull out an icicle out of a nearby tree and fling it at him.

“Anyway, I picked up the javelin and shoved it down his a**hole and started curb stomping. That really happened bro. It really happened. That’s Big T.”

Tyler followed up and said since he had his own branded pre-workout called Bloodrush, he turned towards this icicle javelin slowly and it hit him in the neck. But with him being Tyler1 and being built differently, nothing happened to him because of his steel titan neck.

Tyler finally claimed victory over the ice giant as he defeated him by stomping him to the ground. He also claimed that it was a real story and it had really happened.

Fans react to Tyler1’s story ridiculous story about why he was late to the stream

Fans on Reddit reacted hilariously to Tyler1’s story about his 1v1 against the ice giant. They called it a believable story and agreed that nothing can pass Tyler’s neck. One fan also mentioned that Tyler1 was truly the greatest entertainer on the platform.

More about the famous Twitch League of Legends streamer, Tyler1

Tyler1 is still continuing his support challenge in League of Legends. He is currently Platinum 1 100LP with thirty-four wins and sixteen losses, which is a 68% win rate. He has a 100% win rate with Karma and 67% win rate with Rakan.

Tyler1 is a 26-year-old North American Twitch streamer who primarily plays League of Legends and does the occasional IRL with variety content with his girlfriend Macaiyla.

He focuses on season-based challenges for League of Legends and averages 30,000 viewers on his stream. He has 4.6 million followers on Twitch, 2.73 million subscribers on YouTube, and 719k followers on Instagram, where he posts about his workout.

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