Sudden Death challenge in Clash Royale: Information, rewards, and more

Challenges are an essential aspect of Clash Royale since they allow players to gain additional resources, cards, and Gems, allowing them to advance in the game faster. Every week, the developers release a new series of tasks, which begin once the previous set has been completed. Most of the challenges are free to participate in, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The Sudden Death challenge, in which users must take down only one tower, is the most recent impending 1v1 challenge in Clash Royale. They can win the challenge battle and obtain magic items, chests, gems, gold, and troop cards by destroying one tower.

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The Sudden Death challenge only requires participants to take down one tower (Image via Sportskeeda)

Sudden Death is the game’s upcoming 1v1 challenge, in which gamers must create tournament decks using unlocked cards, ranging from Common to Champion. Each person must use the tournament deck to take down a tower and win a challenge.

The Sudden Death challenge’s in-game description is as follows:

“The match starts in Sudden Death – whoever takes the First tower wins! Three losses, and you’re out, but you still have a chance to reset your losses and continue to play.”

Unlike traditional multiplayer 1v1 or 2v2 combat, the Sudden Death challenge only requires participants to take down one tower. As a result, the combat is won by the user who takes down the tower first.

It’s a gold-only challenge that can help players gain a lot of Gold, which they can use to buy and improve cards.

Unlike the Lava Hound Draft task, the Sudden Death challenge requires participants to build a tournament deck before beginning combat. Everything, including the king tower, archer towers, and cards, has to be updated to level 11 for battle fairness.

To gain gold and a gold chest, players must win six in-game challenge bouts. However, if they lose a battle, it is added to their total losses.

If gamers lose three battles, they will be eliminated. By spending Gems, they can restore their losses and restart from when they lost the third match.

Sudden Death challenge rewards in Clash Royale

Those who complete the Sudden Death challenge will earn six in-game rewards after winning six challenging battles:

  • Players will get 5000 gold after winning the 1st challenge battle
  • Players will get 4000 gold after winning the 2nd challenge battle
  • Players will get 3000 gold after winning the 3rd challenge battle
  • Players will get 2000 gold after winning the 4th challenge battle
  • Players will get 1000 gold after winning the 5th challenge battle
  • Players will get a gold chest after winning the 6th challenge battle

In Clash Royale, the Sudden Death challenge is one of the best methods to earn extra Gold for card upgrades. Hence, gamers must participate in this challenge, which begins on May 8.

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