Streamer encounters former student on Twitch

Twitch streamer Alchemy ran into a surprising viewer while broadcasting in the Just Chatting section.

During a New Year stream, one chatter recognized Alchemy as their former homeroom teacher for several years ago. The IRL streamer’s expression quickly changed after reading the viewer’s comment, saying incredulously, “That actually scares me because I did teach. Holy shit, I did teach high school for like two years and I was a homeroom teacher for a bunch of kids.”

Still reeling from the sudden blast from the past, Alchemy asked, “Wait, who are you? Are you actually my ex-student? They should be all grown up by now.” Alchemy’s skepticism grew but seemed intrigued at the possibility.

After the viewer identified his class, Alchemy immediately recognized it and exploded in surprise, jokingly claiming that she could still fail him. The student claimed that another one of Alchemy’s previous students found her Twitch account, which is how they eventually came across the stream.

Alchemy went on to reminiscence on her time as an English teacher, showing the stream a jersey former students had made for her, signed by all her students which she still had. Using the viewer’s unexpected appearance to catch up since their last class together, the two shared one of the most wholesome moments on Twitch.