Sony unveils PlayStation VR2 at CES 2022

CES 2022 is set to bring plenty of surprises during its run this week, and one of these has come today as Sony officially unveiled its next-generation console VR technology, PlayStation VR2.

During its CES showcase, Sony revealed the PS VR2, which will have a set of new controllers called “PS VR2 Sense Controllers.”

Sony said that this new device will take VR gaming to a new level, providing more presence and escapism than ever before. The device has many noticeable upgrades from its initial version, which launched in 2016. These include a greater visual experience with OLED displays capable of a 2000 x 2040 resolution per eye. These will be accompanied by framerates of 90/120hz. You can check out the full specs for the device here.

You’ll no longer need a bulky camera sitting on your TV cabinet either. The PS VR2 will instead use inside-out tracking. This means that cameras on the device will track you and your controllers within your surroundings while using the device. Also, the device will be capable of eye-tracking, which will allow developers to craft new in-game features depending on where the user is looking.

The controllers are another massive upgrade from its predecessor. PS VR2 Sense Controllers has a completely new design fit with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to provide further immersion to players.

While we didn’t get a release date for this new device, a pair of games were announced, including Horizon Call of the Mountain and Firesprite.