SOFTSWISS Casino Platform launches Team Tournaments


Leading iGaming company SOFTSWISS has further complemented the functionality of its Casino Platform with the launch of a new feature called Team Tournaments.

Team Tournaments encourages players versus player competition and motivates player engagement, and is an update of the existing Tournaments tool, available to all clients of the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform.

The opportunities for players to compete with each other are expanded, as are their chances of winning due to the total contribution of all players in a team event. Thus, while one player loses, there is still a chance for the team to win the tournament or gain a win through the other players’ performances within the group.

Up to 10 teams are created in the casino, and each can have a certain number of players. The teams are then allocated to groups based on operator-defined settings, aiming for even distribution. 

Internal research by the SOFTSWISS team clearly shows that players who win tournament rewards show more game activity and are willing to deposit more. Tournament usage boosts the growth of the Deposit by 10–20%, and the Deposit Sum rises x2.

Anna Loiko, a Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, says: “We are proud to announce the launch of Team Tournaments. Based on the results of the tournaments functionality research, we can conclude that Team Tournaments will be popular with both operators and players. The new functionality engages a competitive element and generates team dynamics, the foundations for a higher level of player engagement.”