Slotegrator improves VIP program compliance


Bonuses and VIP programs are some of the most effective tools that online casino operators can use to welcome new players and build long-term relationships. But in certain markets, the era of freewheeling bonuses is coming to an end, and operators need to be more flexible than ever before with their acquisition and retention strategies.

Due to recent changes dictated by regulators, operators now need to look for new solutions to reward VIP players.

In January 2019, Swedish authorities approved a law setting a limit of SEK100 (€9.50) on bonuses. A month later, a bonus limit of DKK1,000 (€134) was introduced in Denmark. As a result, operators were forced to change their strategy for rewarding players. And in a high-profile case in September 2020, the UK Gambling Commission fined betting giant Betway £11.6m (€13.5m) for falling short of anti-money laundering requirements.

Subsequently, the UKGC put forth new licensing requirements to combat what they viewed as irresponsible promotion strategies. In accordance with the new rules, operators must maintain a database of players’ occupations and sources of income. Regular updates are required to make sure player spending remains within acceptable limits.

Understandably, operators are finding ways to adapt to these new requirements, with some finding ways to demonstrate to regulators that their platform can create responsible VIP programs. But a winning strategy is nothing without the technical capabilities to carry it out.

Software developer and aggregator, Slotegrator, has launched a new online casino platform with a range of updates and new features, including a bonus module. This not only allows operators to incentivise players through loyalty programs and promotions, but to do so while complying with (sometimes fluid) regulatory requirements. These technical features include Early Detection Systems, Alternative Reward Strategies and new VIP Rules.

Updating player reward strategies with Slotegrator’s bonus module enables operators to give VIPs the offers they are looking for while staying compliant with regulator demands, so strengthening operator relationships with both players and authorities.