Samsung is adding NFTs into their TVs

Samsung has kicked CES 2022 off with an interesting announcement: a decision to include NFT management tools within their new TVs.

According to Samsung’s press release, NFT integration will be made available for 2022 MICRO LED, Neo QLED, and the Frame TVs as part of their new Smart Hub. While using these displays users can navigate an NFT marketplace, purchase, and trade digital art.

While NFTs have remained an issue of contention around the web especially within the gaming and tech communities, this move by Samsung appears to be the latest step to bring the technology to the general consumer.

With these TVs, their high-quality image, and sleek form factor, users can display their digital art in a way not commonly available previously. Also, Samsung’s new TVs will reportedly be capable of adjusting their settings to match that of the creator of each NFT so that you can admire the art in the exact way that was intended.

Despite its detractors, NFT technology appears to be on the rise and wider adaption is imminent. For now, Samsung has only shared a brief overview on how the marketplace will function, however, we can expect more details on this to be shared as 2022 continues.

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