Rumored PlayStation Exclusives that are coming to PC

The idea of playing PS4 and PS5 games on a PC is getting less fantastical with each passing day, thanks to subscription services and a natural viewpoint change within the video game industry.

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God of War is now available on PC (Image via YouTube)

With the release of God of War on PC, it is quite clear that Sony is following a strategy in terms of winning new fans and markets. This new outlook is more in line with that of Xbox, which has concluded that PC players are an unexplored market rather than the adversary.

Sony recently expressed its commitment to PC gaming, announcing that a slew of new PlayStation exclusives would be released on the ever-popular platform. Based on that, these are the possible exclusive games that might be released on PC in 2022 by Sony.

Rumoured PlayStation exclusives coming to PC

1) Ghost of Tsushima

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Ghost Of Tsushima (Image via Shacknews)

According to a new source, Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most praised PlayStation exclusives in recent years, will be coming to PC in 2022. Eagle-eyed fans have noted that the term “only on PlayStation” has been removed from the latest edition of the game’s box art, which can be found in Sony’s official PlayStation Direct shop.

The change has prompted some to speculate that the statement on the previous box will soon be proven untrue since, the gamers guessed it, a PC version will be released shortly. Currently, Ghost of Tsushima is only available on PlayStation 4 and 5, but a PC release would be extremely popular.

2) Returnal

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A glimpse into the all new Returnal gameplay (Image via PlayStation)

Returnal is Housemarque’s first game on the PS5, as well as its first title for the next generation of platforms. There has been no indication of the game being released on platforms other than the PlayStation 5 and subsequently has no possible release date for PC just yet. Of course, this does not rule out the possibility of a PC release for Returnal. In the last few years, gamers have seen a number of PS4 exclusives lose their exclusivity and move to PC. Hopefully, this pattern will mean that Returnal will arrive on PC sooner or later.

3) Horizon Forbidden West

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A still from Horizon Forbidden West (Image via YouTube)

Sony has stated that the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West title will only be available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

However, with the revelation that additional PlayStation exclusives would be coming to PC in 2022, Sony is very likely to release it for PC at some point in the future. Additionally, the PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn was published in 2017 on PS4 and later received a PC version in 2020.

4) Sackboy: A Big Adventure

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Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Image via YouTube)

Sackboy: A Big Adventure may be the next PlayStation exclusive to make its way to the PC platform. The title was also featured in the infamous GeForce Now leak, which was taken apart earlier this year, and references to the game’s original codename ‘Project Marmalade’ have also been spotted in Steam’s database. There’s a high possibility Sackboy: A Big Adventure will be released on PC. However, it will not be released any time soon.

5) Bloodborne

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Bloodborne could possibly come to PC (Image via YouTube)

Several rumors stated that Sony had already completed work on a PC version for Bloodborne, a previous PlayStation 4 exclusive. In 2020, there were so many rumors of a PC port that it appeared like it would possibly happen. Yet, as with Elden Ring for years, FromSoftware’s fanbase remains one of the most optimistic, despite the grim nature of the Soulsborne titles. Bloodborne, a game in the iconic genre created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the man behind Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Sekiro, and the upcoming Elden Ring, was highly welcomed by critics and fans upon its first release.

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