Razer reveals Razer Zephyr Pro mask with sound amplifier at CES 2022

The original Project Hazel vision has finally come to fruition, with Razer announcing the Razer Zephyr Pro at CES 2022. 

Project Hazel was the original codename for the Razer Zephyr mask that the manufacturer released in October 2021. Like many of its other products, Razer incorporated its Chroma RGB lighting on the inside and outside of the mask. 

While wearing the Zephyr, users can use controllable fans to enhance airflow through two of its three air chambers. Although many of the designs from Project Hazel made it into Zephyr, the sound amplifier was deemed too heavy and power-consuming to implement. It also comes with three days’ worth of N95 filters or 11 days when buying the Zephyr Starter Pack.

Image via Razer With the introduction of the Zephyr Pro, a sound amplifier is now included, making it easier for others to hear the wearer through the mask. While Razer hasn’t said that the mask would have it at launch, the company is pursuing voice modulation for those that want to sound like Bane or Darth Vader.

Pricing for the Zephyr Pro starts at $199, which is $50 more expensive than the standard Zephyr. However, like Zephyr, the Zephyr Pro will have a starter pack that includes 33 sets of N95 filters for each of the three air chambers in the mask. That amount will last 33 days of continuous use before needing additional filters. It will be available sometime in 2022.