Quin69 has been unbanned from Twitch

Twitch streamer Quintin “Quin69” was banned from Twitch on April 23, 2022. This was his third ban on the livestreaming platform.

After community members speculated on the several possible reasons for his recent ban, the New Zealander revealed that he was banned from the platform for hateful conduct against women.

Earlier today, on April 26, the streaming community was notified that Quin69 had been unbanned from the livestreaming platform after three days.

The streamer himself was surprised to notice that he had been unbanned earlier than expected and subsequently provided a reason for the ban getting revoked.

Quin69 was unbanned from Twitch after three days

The streaming community was taken by surprise when the World of Warcraft gamer was unbanned from Twitch after a short period. Many fans speculated that Quin was banned for at least 14 days.

The Twitch streamer tweeted out an update regarding his early return. After he was banned from the platform, Quin uploaded a short apology video on his Twitter handle. This apology video has now been deleted from the social media platform.

According to him, his ban appeal was considered by the Twitch staff. Twitch’s official statement read that Quin69’s account was recently suspended or blocked due to a mistake on their part, and as a result, they have now reversed the 14-day suspension.

11 days early!!! Streams resume tomorrow.Thankful to the trust & safety team for considering my ban appeal. I’ll try to be more careful how I word things in the future so this doesn’t happen again 😎🤞 https://t.co/Dva3NgaITM

Social media reacts to Quin69 getting unbanned from Twitch

Fans on Twitter supported the streamer by saying that he did not do anything wrong and that they were looking forward to his upcoming livestream.

@quinrex You said nothing wrong, just gotta better articulate & if you cant just avoid it all, bad actors exist out there by the masses.

@quinrex im really glad to get u back again so soon but please take more care in the future, always sad to not be able to watch you, maybe more variety gameplay and less risky reactions LULW

@quinrex Haha a mistake on their part, so do they compensate you for lost revenue? It was their mistake after all.

Some of the fans joked about the whole situation.

@quinrex I’ll try to be more careful how I word things in the future. Omegalul

@quinrex For the love of all of that is right. Please take this as a life lesson, instead of validating your react content.No more stalling, more games! https://t.co/Y2m3inpwIW

Users on Reddit had a more polarizing reaction towards the streamer’s early return to Twitch. Some of them found it funny that Quin deleted his apology video and was still unbanned earlier than expected on the platform.

Many Redditors on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail compared Quin’s ban with Chance “Sodapoppin’s” ban.

Some Redditors questioned Twitch’s consistency regarding streamer bans. They could not understand the reason for Quin getting unbanned early after a third offense over the course of a few months.

Some of the streamer’s fans tried to defend him by claiming that he simply expressed his views on the livestreaming platform.

Reddit user u/scattered_ideas provided a theory surrounding ban appeals. According to the Redditor, streamers need to express remorse regarding their Twitch ban, and this might result in them getting a lessened ban duration.

The Redditor also mentioned that according to a recent tweet by Sodapoppin, he might be getting unbanned on April 27, 2022. However, this is only speculation.

Quin69 is a popular Oceanic Twitch streamer who kickstarted his streaming career back in November 2016. Since then, he has gone on to become a prominent personality on the platform as he currently sits at having more than 668k followers.

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