Quik Gaming Race for Cash Live Lottery Title Is Now Out!


Quik Gaming Race for Cash Live Lottery take you into the street of 2095 New York City – bet on the winning ball and win 1,000x multipliers! (Image from quikgaming.com)

The UKGC and MGA licensed live dealer brand’s new live lotto title is already burning rubber in online casinos. After a 4 month wait, the anticipated, exciting, and very unique Quik Gaming Race for Cash Live Lottery title release is now 100% confirmed and available at Quik partner casinos from today!

Race for Cash is set on futuristic streets of New York City, The Big Apple in 2095 to be exact, where players get to bet on 10 supersonic streetcar racers. Your job is to bet on the winner and then watch the action unfold as your number races to the finish line. The lottery balls literally race around a neon racing track which is a unique lotto draw machine.

While the race is on, you can get your money down on a potentially lucrative side bet, which is all about drivers picking up guaranteed multipliers as part of the tournament side bet. Be sure to look out for the x1,000 multiplier along the way because if a racer picks up this mammoth reward, and you backed that number, then you’re in for an incredible windfall.

There is also a Pachinko Street Race Bonus game where you can place more bets. This time you can place your money on which numbers you think will come in the top 2 positions or the last 2 positions. Along the way, the lottery balls (racers) can literally pick up power-ups when they race over bridges, dodge obstacles, and more.

You’ll also come across a flurry of characters like Nitroman, Lady Velocity, Road Rocket, and Road Vader, each of them with a unique skill set to help you land a bigger win from the bonus game.

If you have been waiting for this game to come out, then it’s probably because you read about the Race for Cash teaser in our September news report when our reporting team caught it on YouTube. The colourful lottery game brings the raceways to the live dealer gaming and lottery scene in a colourful live game title that sees the lottery balls race around a track before racing over the finish line into a pit.

How similar is this to Fruit Race? The only other live dealer brand we have seen using this style of lotto gameplay is HollywoodTV via its Fruit Race lotto title. The big difference between the two is that Quik Gaming’s version, the addition of multipliers and the bonus game, so it will be interesting how popular this title will be as Fruit Race is a popular title with a recent revamp to the game.