Play’n GO challenges you to reach the top of Mount M


In their prehistoric title, Mount M, Play’n GO travels back five million years to a time where mammoths walked the Earth.

In the shadow of Mammoth Mountain, prehistoric men worship the mighty mammoth, asking for health, wealth and good luck. Ascending to the top of the mountain to perform a sacred ritual, only a fortunate few will receive a visit from the great Mammoth Spirit.

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Play’n GO breathes new life into the extinct as woolly rhinos, sabretooth tigers, short-faced bears and even the dodo make an appearance alongside the mighty mammoth.

Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games at Play’n GO says: “We love to tell stories through our features. The expanding reel isn’t just an innovative feature, but another tool to tell the story of Mount M, helping the player on the journey to the top of the mountain. Creating an experience is what we do best.”