Overwatch 2 guide: How to link Battle.net and Twitch to get drops

Overwatch 2 is one of the most anticipated shooter games fans have been eagerly waiting for. This brand new spinoff is going to bring in a number of new characters and reworks that have been missing from the first game.

Players who have previously signed up for the game’s closed beta are already getting their hands on the game. To help others try out the game, Blizzard Entertainment has provided another way to gain access by using Twitch Drops.

There might be players who are unfamiliar with the system, so this guide will aid them in linking their Battle.net account with Twitch to get access to the Overwatch 2 beta.

Guide to link Battle.net to Twitch for Overwatch 2 beta

The procedure to link both accounts is quite simple and can be done within minutes. The following are the steps to link a Battle.net and Twitch account:

  • Step 1: Users have to go to twitch.com or open the Twitch app to begin the linking procedure.
  • Step 2: After doing so, users have to log in to their Twitch account by using the correct credentials.
  • Step 3: After logging in, users have to go to the ‘Settings’ tab and look for the ‘Connections’ tab under it. Under this tab, there will be many platforms to which users can link their Twitch account. However, users only have to look for Blizzard Battle.net for the purposes of this guide.
  • Step 4: Upon finding it, users have to tap the ‘Connect’ button and log in to their Battle.net account by giving the relevant credentials. If the correct credentials are used, users will log in to their account and successfully link their account with Twitch.

If users would like to unlink their Battle.net account and their Twitch account, they can do so at any time by going to the ‘Connections’ section in the ‘Settings’ and selecting the ‘Disconnect’ option.

How can players get the Overwatch 2 beta from Twitch Drops?

To get Overwatch 2 beta access as a drop, fans can tune in to any stream that has game drops enabled and watch that stream for a while. If a fan does get a drop from the stream, they will get a notification on Twitch regarding the reward they’ve received.

After getting the drop, they can use their Battle.net client to install Overwatch 2 beta on their system and enjoy it for the duration of the testing period.

Overwatch 2 will be available for free to any player who has the previous game purchased on their account. As for the release date, it is not known when the sequel might make a debut, but a statement regarding the release date can be expected from Blizzard Entertainment after the conclusion of the beta test.

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Edited by Siddharth Satish