Operators notice suspicious betting patterns during Dundee-Hearts match


Operators have asked the Scottish Football Association (SFA) to look into several suspicious betting patterns that showed up during last week’s Scottish Premiership clash between Dundee and Hearts.

Hearts won the game thanks to a late strike from Jamie Walker, but numerous gambling firms are said to have asked questions regarding the number of bets that were placed on yellow cards for Dundee players.

According to an agreement between the SFA and operators, they will exchange any information on irregular wagering patterns surrounding Scottish football. All suspicions have consequently been addressed to the SFA Security and Integrity Unit.

If the inquiry uncovers any evidence of insider betting, the matter will be handled over to the SFA’s Compliance Officer, who will consider disciplinary proceedings and a Notice of Complaint.

Additionally, operators are allowed to file a complaint to Police Scotland, but they have not decided on that matter yet.

Martin Stolarek is the SFA’s Security and Integrity Officer and his role includes tackling all issues related to match-fixing; he is also tasked with increasing awareness and education amongst clubs, players, coaches and officials.

The SFA has been trying to fight match-fixing with its “Keep It Clean” campaign. The association has a hotline that is open to anyone in Scotland who may have knowledge of corrupt practices within football.

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