Old tastes die hard Genshin Impact quest guide: How to get Sweetened Mistress food

Old Tastes Die Hard is a World Quest that players can begin by talking to Mr. Zhu in Liyue. The task consists of gamers needing to cook ‘Sweetened Mistress’ and give it to the said NPC.

Completing the World Quest is easier than expected, and gamers can learn how to cook a Sweetened Mistress and complete the quest here.

How to Make a Sweetened Mistress and complete Old Tastes Die Hard in Genshin Impact

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Talk to Mr. Zhu in Liyue (Image via 100% Guides, YouTube)
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Location of Mr. Zhu on the map (Image via 100% Guides, YouTube)

Gamers can start Old Tastes Die Hard by talking to Mr. Zhu in an inn south of Guili Plains, Liyue. Mr. Zhu will ask players to cook a dish that he does not remember the name of, calling it Sweetened Mistress.

Although the real recipe name isn’t revealed, Mr. Zhu did list down the ingredients to cook it, which are a lot of Fowl and some Sweet Flowers.

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Hunt wild birds to get Fowls (Image via miHoYo)
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Location of wild birds on the map (Image via miHoYo)

Fowl can be obtained by hunting wild birds found around Teyvat. The easiest place new players can get this ingredient is from the Mondstadt Bridge. Any long-range Area of Effect (AOE) damage dealer character, such as Anemo Traveler, Venti, Ganyu, and Diluc, may kill these birds.

In a successful hunt from Mondstadt Bridge, players can collect up to eight Fowls. In Genshin Impact, this is the most likely location to find Fowl.

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Buy Sweet Flower from Flora (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Location of Flora on the map (Image via Genshin Impact)

Sweet Flower is an ingredient commonly found in the wild all over Teyvat and purchased from Flora in Mondstadt. Flora sells one Sweet Flower for 200 Mora, and players can buy a maximum of 10 flowers every three days. Players who do not have any Sweet Flowers should buy at least two.

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Cook Sweet Madame (Image via Genshin Impact)

Once players collect those two ingredients, they can return to the inn location and use the pot to create the Sweetened Mistress, or more precisely: Sweet Madame. 2 Fowls and 2 Sweet Flowers are required to cook one Sweet Madame.

Once successfully cooked, talk to Mr. Zhu and give him the Sweet Madame to complete the quest. The reward one can obtain is a Zhongyuan Chop Suey recipe.

Zhongyuan Chop Suey is a 3-star dish, decreasing stamina used for all party members when the active character climbs or sprints by 15-25% for 900 seconds. It is very beneficial for new players to cook and consume this dish whenever they want to explore Liyue, as this place is vast and has a lot of mountains.

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