Millennial Mountains Genshin Impact quest guide

Millennial Mountains is a brand new quest introduced in Genshin Impact 2.6, with parts that might confuse some Travelers. In that case, this quest guide will cover its entirety from start to finish.

Quest objectives will be broken down into different headers, so Travelers seeking a particular section can use CTRL + F or simply scroll down to it.

This quest takes place in The Chasm, and it’s highly recommended to activate the Statue of the Seven here to light up the entire top side of its map. Once that’s done, players must head to The Chasm’s Maw to find the starting location for this quest.

Genshin Impact quest guide: The Millennial Mountains

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The starting location for The Millennial Mountains (Image via miHoYo)

Talk to Wang, located east of the Teleport Waypoint closest to The Chasm’s Maw. After some lengthy dialogue, he will tell the Traveler to collect six different items:

  • Flower of Farsight
  • Skyfeather
  • Sundial of Ages
  • Cup of Commons
  • Helm of Warding
  • Warrior’s Spear

Users can talk to him to get a general idea of where each item is. These items can be collected in any order, although this article will start from the order shown in Wang’s dialogue.

Flower of Farsight

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The Flower of Farsight’s location (Image via miHoYo)

There is no puzzle or quest for Genshin Impact gamers to complete to obtain the Flower of Farsight. Instead, they must climb the tallest mountain in Cinnabar Cliff and head to a location with Tang Wuchou nearby. More specifically, it’s near the second “C” in “Cinnabar Cliff” on the world map.

Simply approach it and collect it like any other harvestable. After doing so, Tang Wuchou will attack the character, so deal with him and move on to the next part of The Millennial Mountains.

Defeating Tang Wuchou and talking to him afterward will let players start A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past, but that quest isn’t necessary for finishing The Millennial Mountains.


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The Skyfeather’s location (Image via miHoYo)

There is no gimmick associated with obtaining the Skyfeather in Genshin Impact. Simply go to the highest part of Glaze Peak (shown in the above image) and investigate the nearby spots here to obtain the Skyfeather.

Sundial of Ages

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The Sundial of Ages’ location (Image via miHoYo)

The third item in The Millennial Mountains is the Sundial of Ages. To obtain it, gamers must defeat a lone Treasure Hoarder northwest of the Teleport Waypoint to the east of “The Surface.” The specific location is above the “e” in “Surface” on the map.

After Genshin Impact users defeat that Treasure Hoarder, they must investigate the nearby table to collect the Sundial of Ages.

Cup of Commons

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The starting location for the quest required to get the Cup of Commons (Image via miHoYo)

The Cup of Commons item requires Travelers to do Undetected Infiltration. That quest requires:

  • The Chasm Charters
  • Partial completion of Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering (up until “Use the cage-shaped object to destroy the three remaining Bedrock Keys”)

Starting it is easy, although the game doesn’t clarify that it exists for casual players. Go to the above location and clear a horde of Treasure Hoarders to activate it. A cutscene will play, and players will be told to talk to Yanbo at Lumberpick Valley (he’s near the Teleport Waypoint).

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The Cup of Commons is in this Precious Chest (Image via miHoYo)

Travelers must then:

  • Clear out three camps full of Treasure Hoarders.
  • Clear out one more camp full of Fatui and Treasure Hoarders. Afterward, take care of the several waves of reinforcements.
  • Complete the quest and open the nearby Precious Chest.

That Precious Chest contains the Cup of Commons. Travelers should now have four out of six items needed to complete The Millennial Mountains if they followed the order of this article.

Helm of Warding

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The Helm of Warding’s location in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

There are only two items left to collect in Genshin Impact’s The Millennial Mountains. The Helm of Warding’s location can be a bit misleading if gamers don’t know how to access the cabin. Hence, Travelers should know that:

  • They must go to the cabin on the northeast side of The Chasm’s Maw
  • Approach it from the top, and continue to go down several holes
  • Use a Pyro character (or attack the nearby explosive barrel) to get rid of the hay here
  • Investigate the nearby hole to collect the Helm of Warding

There is now only one item left to collect in The Millennial Mountains.

Warrior’s Spear

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The Warrior Spear’s location in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

The Warrior’s Spear is located in-between Tiangong Gorge and The Chasm’s Maw. Users must go to the above location and climb several mountains to see it near some Sweet Flowers and rocks. Simply pick it up to get the final item necessary for The Millennial Mountains in Genshin Impact.

Finishing up The Millennial Mountains in Genshin Impact

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The memorial where Genshin Impact gamers must offer the six items that they’ve collected thus far (Image via miHoYo)

Go back to Wang, offer the six items to the memorial, and collect the treasures from the nearby hole. Genshin Impact players will now have completed The Millennial Mountains and should have obtained the achievement, “The Millelith Shall Never Be Moved.”

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