Macau junket boss Chau appears in court


Junket tycoon Alvin Chau arrived at Macau’s primary court on September 2nd, facing more than 200 charges including illegal gambling activities, running a criminal syndicate, money laundering and fraud.

Following his arrest in November 2021, Chau stepped down as Chairman of the Suncity junket. His arrest followed the issue of a warrant in the Chinese city of Wenzhou, accusing Chau of operating gambling activities on the mainland.

According to local reports, the gambling syndicate’s bets have been valued HK$824bn (US$105bn), and Chau’s syndicate is accused of hiding the actual amounts wagered, thereby negatively impacting both which casino revenues and government tax income.

Macau’s second most prominent junket operator, Levo Chan, was also on charges of being involved in criminal organisation, illegal gambling and money laundering, and both Chau and Chan have been in custody in Macau prison since their arrests.

With 11 of the 21 defendants involved in Chau’s absent from this initial hearing, the trial was postponed until September 19th.