Macau casinos to reopen


Following a painful two weeks of closures, Macau is scheduled to reopen its casinos from Saturday July 23rd, subject to Covid-19 virus conditions being acceptable.

Macau has recently suffered a sudden surge in new cases, its worst ever outbreak, but conditions have now fallen back, with the most recent daily report showing only 18 new cases.

Ao Ieong U, Macau’s Secretary for Social Affairs & Culture, has briefed that the city will allow venues to resume operations if conditions, including ventilation and disinfection, are appropriate. In addition, only 50% of normal staffing will be allowed to work at the same time, and activities that require the removal of masks for extended periods of time, including eating, must not be done in public. Bars, cinemas and nightclubs will remain closed, as will and dining-in services at restaurants.

However, a continued lack of quarantine-free travel into Macau means that tourist visitors are minimal, and so the number of casino customers will be tiny compared to normal times. Casinos account for around 80% of Macau’s government income and the industry employs over 30% of all workers, so recovery is a vital priority.