Mac from Mad Lions begins selling his trademark ‘Guardian Lions’ ties made in the UK

James ‘Mac’ MacCormack, British League of Legends head coach for Mad Lions in the LEC, has made his trademark ties available to the public.

Fans can now purchase his ‘Guardian Lions’ tie online, which is priced at €22.50 and available on the Mac’s Odds and Ends website.

Mac has become known not only for elevating Mad Lions to a level not seen before, having won back-to-back LECs in 2021, but also for his smart dress sense and extravagant ties.

Mac has worn all kinds of ties during League of Legends tournaments, including a Gyarados Pokémon tie.

At the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) in Iceland and at Worlds in the same country last year, Mac designed and produced ties for fellow coaches and competitors as gifts. Now, following interest from the community, he’s making them available to the public.

Mac added on his website: “After the amazing experience of exchanging gifts with kkOma at MSI 2021, I decided that I would like to design and produce these lovely ties as gifts for my fellow coaches and competitors attending the world championship in 2021.

“The response has been wonderful, and I’ve made more than a few friends along the way. The ties are made in the UK, and feature “Guardian Lions” (also known as stone lions or shishi (石獅; shíshī)), who serve as protectors against harm according to Chinese mythology.

“I love the symbol not only as an homage to my team, Mad Lions, but also as an acknowledgement of my Chinese heritage (my grandmother on my father’s side, who came from Macau). Since then, a number of people have asked me if I could make them available for purchase to the general public, and so here they are.

“I hope that you like them, and I hope that they bring you good fortune and prosperity as they have done for me.”

We’ve had a meeting with @DWGKIA’s Head Coach, kkOma, and exchanged some presents!!

He gave @MacCLol a beautiful letter written by his wife and two insanely beautiful ties. We gave him Mac’s self-designed tie and a dedicated MAD Jersey.

We love #Worlds2021 and these friends!!

— MAD Lions English 🇬🇧 (@MADLions_EN) October 10, 2021

Mad Lions face off against Vitality in the first match of the Spring 2022 LEC today.

Two months ago, Mad Mac and his coaching team renewed their Mad Lions contracts, with Pad taking on new responsibilities.