LaynaLazar alleges Vtuber “Bunny_GIF” backed out of figurine deal, refused to return money

Fans of VTuber Bunny_GIF are in for more shock, as more light is being shed on the range of alleged abusive activities that the VTuber undertook against friend LaynaLazar and other members of the community.

Horror VTuber LaynaLazar’s Twitter statement has sparked a chain reaction, forcing others like Susu to come forward with stories of harassment by Bunny. The community is currently focusing on a portion of the extended statement that Layna released, detailing financial misbehavior by Bunny on a project they worked on together.

Read on to find out how things are unfolding in the latest set of allegations against Bunny.

LaynaLazar explains Bunny_GIF’s financial malpractices in figurine project

Part of Layna’s extended statement went viral after streamer jennalynnmeowri covered it on a recent stream. The title of the clip refers to Layna as a chemo patient, as she was suffering from cancer in mid 2018.

To understand the alleged financial malpractice, let’s go back to June 2017. As per Layna Lazar’s statement, they were just wrapping up a successful project on Susu’s figurine at the time. Bunny approached them with a similar proposition, asking them to make a similar figurine for her.

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Layna’s statement (Image via TwitLonger/LaynaLazar)

After a lot of hard work from Layna’s side to cater to Bunny’s constantly changing design requirements for the figurine, the project on the side of iHazToys (Layna’s company) came to an end.

Bunny allegedly refused to promote the figurine and deleted all promotional posts and tweets shortly after posting them, all the while giving constant excuses for the same.

The deal was structured in such a way that iHazToys would share 10% of all the sales revenue with Bunny. The sales of the figurine were halted consistently by the latter citing a variety of reasons, but preorders worth a little above $20,000 had already been registered.

As part of their deal, Bunny was to receive $2,000 from this amount.

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Layna’s statement about the financial matter (Image TwitLonger/LaynaLazar)

Around the time LaynaLazar was diagnosed with cancer, Bunny announced her departure from the project and forbade Layna from pursuing it as well. iHazToys paid Bunny $2123 in June 2018 for her share of the preorders.

Layna had to pay the cost of production of the canceled figurine, along with about $20,000 in refunds to those who had pre-ordered it, while dealing with cancer.

The issue, Lazar alleges, is that ever since Bunny exited the project, she has claimed she was never paid.

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Layna enclosed the payment reciept in her statement (Image via LaynaLazer?Twitlonger)

LaynaLazar’s statement alleged a string of additional abusive acts, which have not yet been confirmed or denied by Bunny. (Her full statement can be read here)

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