Ireland poised to introduce first Gambling Regulatory Authority


Following many years of debate, Ireland will soon introduce its first-ever gambling regulatory authority. The new authority is expected to launch early next year, unifying the existing unstructured gambling legislation into a single set of regulations.

The organisation will have the power to set and enforce rules, including the granting and revoking of licenses, and the extent and content of advertising and sponsorship.

Senator Marie Sherlock advocates a ban on all gambling advertising in Ireland, saying: “Ultimately we have been talking about better regulating gambling in this country for a long period of time and we have yet to see comprehensive and firm action. We believe the government needs to go much further and actually have an outright ban on gambling advertising, both online and on our broadcast media.”

Support for the establishment of a new regulator in Ireland is widespread, as is support for the tightening of regulations. It seems fairly logical to suggest that regulations put in place by this new authority in Ireland will fairly closely mirror those in the UK, where a fairly strictly policed market is still a very valuable one.