“If it’s not broke, then just break it” – Call of Duty: Warzone players voice frustrations with buffed-up helicopters

Helicopters in Call of Duty: Warzone serve as a frangible mode of aerial transport for players. They can easily be taken down using explosives, but the latest update of the game has significantly buffed up the health of these vehicles. It requires a lot more hassle to get rid of choppers in Warzone now and all of this was unintentional.

Previously, helicopters in Warzone were easy to take down using C4s and Rocket Launchers. Now, it requires both types of firepower in larger quantities to get destroyed. Players are not happy with this new health buff and want things to get restored the way it used to before the update rolled out.

Raven Software has mistakenly buffed up the health of Helicopters in Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest update

Some recent reports have surfaced online about helicopter health buffs in Warzone, causing inconvenience for players. Prior to the latest Warzone update, these aerial vehicles required minimal usage of explosives for complete takedown. Scenarios have changed as the same helicopters now need to be bombarded multiple times for complete destruction.

A user on Reddit named “fletchthe2nd” has shown that these vehicles now require at least 6 rockets, 2 C4s, and 5 LMG rounds to make them unusable. This has been troublesome for a lot of Warzone players. However, the mess was unintentional from Raven Software’s end.

Mistakes like this can affect gameplay to a large extent since certain players tend to start abusing the exploits. Players might now use these buffed-up helicopters now to evade the bounties that made them most-wanted in a match for a short period of time. Due to these unintentional changes, the helicopters won’t be taken down easily, leaving the players alive. This will ultimately result in players getting frustrated with the unfulfillment of their activated contracts.

It wasn’t long ago when the players of Warzone complained about how broken the planes were in the game. Raven Software decided to disable those vehicles temporarily and stated that the same vehicles caused the game to crash for multiple users. Players then vented their frustration on Reddit and stated that those vehicles should be disabled permanently.

Various reactions from Reddit users on the helicopter’s strength bug

Certain Reddit users doubt if this was caused due to the addition of new convoys to the game.

Multiple Call of Duty: Warzone players have commented that the issue is not limited to aircraft only.

A Reddit user named “Mathieulombardi” is ready to use the exploit to his advantage.

Another player has reported that the vehicles respawned immediately on the same spot after destroying them.

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Redditor’s complaint regarding the helicopter (Image via u/ImJustHereToAnnoyJK/Reddit)

The developers of Call of Duty: Warzone should acknowledge the issue and get it patched immediately.

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