“I didn't know you were a myth”: Fans react to Dream criticizing demonetization of HasanAbi video

Dream tweeted a response to political streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker’s tweet, sharing an email from YouTube saying his most recent video was demonetized. In the video, HasanAbi called out the recent trend of anti-LGBT bills across the United States as well as conservative talking points in the media.

The video, Dear Conservatives: GAY PEOPLE EXIST, was demonetized shortly after being uploaded. It is worth noting that Google, the parent company of YouTube, has supported LGBT causes in the past. However, YouTube as a platform has a history of demonetizing content related to LGBT topics and issues. The Minecraft YouTuber joked about the situation in a sarcastic jab at the platform.

@hasanthehun @YouTube I mean it is controversial, do they REALLY exist? I heard gay people was a myth made up by the gay frogs in my water. solid move by youtube imo.

Dream responds to HasanAbi’s demonetization, fans react with jokes

Fans of the popular YouTuber know that he likes to keep his personal information, including his sexuality, private. Knowing this, longtime fans (and potentially some haters) decided to poke fun at the Minecraft YouTuber in his replies.

Fans also honed in on the “gay frogs in the water” joke, a reference to a rant made by notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The radio show host purported a theory that some large organized entity was intentionally putting harmful chemicals in the water supply that turned wildlife homosexual.

While there were plenty of reactions to Dream’s tweet, which ended up “ratioing” HasanAbi’s, most of the responses were poking fun at the YouTuber’s sexuality. While the YouTuber has poked fun at his own sexuality in the past, there isn’t any concrete evidence that he is LGBT. That hasn’t stopped fans from joking around or creating their own personal head-canon around their favorite content creator.

Dream on his sexuality

george and dream being GAY for 10 MINUTES

The YouTuber and streamer has joked about his own sexuality in the past, making jokes about being gay with his friends. He most frequently jokes about it with his friend GeorgeNotFound. However, he has shot down rumors that he was in a relationship with George, saying that it is all a joke and there’s no truth to it.

@DreamWasTaken dream being gay for 11,070,720 minutes

He once posted a thread addressing this, saying he and his friends are comfortable enough in their sexuality to make jokes about being gay with one another. He also said he doesn’t mind the community shipping him with his male friends. In fact, he has previously liked fan art on social media depicting him in sexual relationships with his friends.

I joke with my friends because I’m comfortable within my sexuality and so are they. There’s lots of LGBTQ+ members on the SMP, and even in the Dream Team. I have no need to “profit” off of “pretending to date George”, we’re not dating and have no plans to, and we’ve said that

if someone wants to ship us because for one reason or another them picturing us dating makes them happier, then why do you care, and why should I care? who cares. I’m glad that the LGBTQ+ community can feel safe enjoying mine and my friends content, that’s it!

Not trying to hide anything or be ambiguous, but again, your sexuality is your business and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

Dream is an immensely popular YouTuber with over 28 million subscribers. While little is known about his personal life, he shared that he lives in Orlando, Florida. He primarily creates and streams Minecraft-related content. Gaining popularity in 2019, he won the Streamy Award for gaming in 2020 and 2021, as well as the Game Award for Content Creator of the Year in 2021.

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