“I deserved the ban”: Sodapoppin talks about his 14-day-long Twitch suspension

Twitch streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” got unbanned from the livestreaming platform on April 28, 2022. After returning from a 14-day-long suspension period, Sodapoppin spoke about the recent event and stated that he knew he made a mistake and deserved the action from the purple platform.

Speaking about his second ban on Twitch, the content creator accepted his mistake and said:

“I’m just going to leave it there. I desevered the ban.”

Sodapoppin returns on Twitch after serving his 2-week-long ban

The streamer’s ban saga started on April 10, 2022, when he was playing the game “Are You Smarter Than the Crowd?” and made a questionable in-game character with over-exaggerated features. He also uttered the word “blackface” while creating the character.

Soon enough, the streamer realized his mistake and tried to convince his audience that he was making a joker-themed character in-game.

Soda was subsequently banned a few days later. He did not specify the duration of his suspension period back then. Fast forward to April 28, the streamer was unbanned after 14 days and returned to streaming on his main Twitch channel.

During a recent livestream, he spoke about the situation and provided context for it. He started off by saying:

“So, if you saw the LivestreamFail post I put, there was like a clip where I… the clip and then obviously I went on LivestreamFail. God, initially, I look at the clip, I will say, yeah, I deserved the ban.”

The Austin, Texas native accepted his mistake and stated that he deserved the ban. He continued to talk about this subject:

“But it is very frustrating that I have family members calling my brother Ryan asking if I am racist. That does p*ss me off and then like, I explained it in my post my thought process.”

Timestamp: 00:17:53

The 28-year-old Twitch streamer then spoke about some of the comments made by the Redditors on the reaction thread featuring the controversial clip:

“I was annoyed because I saw some comments saying, someone said you know what, I’ll say this: Chance is stupid enough to actually have f***ked up and not realize what he was doing and then I looked at that comment and I am like, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. But, it’s true.”

He grinned while conversing with his fans and as a concluding remark, the World of Warcraft gamer asked his chat if he was allowed to watch the clip of his antics that got him banned from the platform.

His fans suggested that he should not watch the clip. Soda then stated that he did not realize the severity of his actions on stream and acknowledged the fact that he had said “blackface” on stream.

Fans react to Sodapoppin’s statement

The audience on the streamer’s Twitch chat had been laughing half the time as he was telling his side of the story. Many fans felt that Sodapoppin’s actions were not appropriate.

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Fans reacting to the streamer’s statement (Images via Sodapoppin/Twitch chat)

Soda is one of the most popular streaming personalities on Twitch. He was one of the first content creators to join Twitch during its infancy, back when it was known as Justin.tv.

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