How to play Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood (April 2022)

In Back 4 Blood, players have a few different options and modes they can play to switch it up when they want a new experience. One of these options is called Swarm Mode.

Swarm Mode is a PvP mode that pits players on a team of Cleaners against a team of player-controlled Special Ridden. This is a great way to have some fun with friends and try new strategies.

How players can enter Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood (April 2022)

There are a few different options that players have to choose from when playing Back 4 Blood. The first thing players may want to complete is the Campaign, which can be completed solo or with friends.

This will allow players to really learn the ropes before jumping straight into Swarm Mode. They will definitely want to build up their skills as player-controlled Ridden will be much harder than normal.

How players can get started in Swarm Mode in Back 4 Blood

In order for players to access Swarm Mode, they will need to head from the main menu to the Play section. Here, the game is broken down into sections, and players will want to head to the PvP Section to select Swarm Mode.

Once the mode is selected, players will be given the option to choose between a public game or a private game.

Players can choose the mode that works best for them

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Players on both teams in Back 4 Blood’s Swarm Mode will pick different cards that will help them prepare against the enemy (Image via NickRespawns/YouTube)

In public games, players will be matched with random teammates, which can be good or bad depending on one’s perception. If they wish to be in a party with their friends, they can also join a public match to have the squad filled with random players.

Otherwise, they can join a private mode to ensure that no stranger gets into their game.

What will happen in Swarm Mode?

In Swarm Mode, players are placed on two different teams. One is a team of Cleaners, who need to slay the Ridden. The other is a team of Special Ridden who have the objective of defeating the Cleaners.

The Cleaners must see how far they can go or how long they can last. When the Ridden team defeats the Cleaners, the teams switch. The team that defeats the Cleaners the fastest wins.

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