How to get Super Troops in Clash of Clans in 2022?

Clash of Clans has always been in the top 5 mobile game lists as they regularly update the game with new characters, troops, heroes, Magic Items and many more. Super Troop, which is a supercharged version of the standard Elixir and Dark Elixir troops, is one of the most recent troop upgrades.

Super Troops can be unlocked for a three-day period by spending 25000 Dark Elixir or using one of the most popular Magic Items, “Super Potion.” As these Super Troops have higher hitpoints and damage than regular troops, they can be used in various attacking strategies or donated in clan wars for defending.

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Super Troop Barrel (Image via Sportskeeda)

Super Troops are troops with exceptional skills and are stronger than their original versions. Once a player has achieved Town Hall 11 and met the base troop level requirements, they can use the 25000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion to temporarily transform the original version of the troop into a Super Troop for a period of three days.

Players will have to keep in mind that Super Troops require more housing than their regular counterparts. Additionally, their training duration and cost are proportionally increased according to the housing space. Furthermore, at any given time, only two active categories of super troops are allowed, so players need to choose the best Super troops and boost them specifically.

Clash of Clans presently includes 14 Super Troops, including Super Wizard, Super Archer, Super Giant, Ice Hound, and others. To upgrade a normal troop to a Super Troop, players must meet the troop requirements. To unlock Super Archer and Super Bowler, players must have at least level 8 Archer and level 4 Bowlers respectively.

How to unlock Super Troops?

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Players must follow the steps given below to unlock Super Troops and add them to their army compositions:

  1. Players must reach Town Hall level 11 to be eligible to unlock Super Troops.
  2. Once a player reaches Town Hall level 11, they must complete the Super Troop level requirements like level 4 Bowlers and level 8 Archers.
  3. Tap the boost barrel available on the left hand side of the multiplayer base, where players see the list of Super Troops that they can boost and unlock.
  4. Click on the Super Troop you wish to unlock, and use either a Super Potion or 25000 Dark Elixir to unlock the Super Troop for a period of three days.
  5. Super Troops are added to training barracks, and players can use it by training the troops.

Finally, Super Troops are one of the best features of Clash of Clans because they deal more damage and have higher hitpoints. Players can incorporate them into their usual attacking strategy to significantly improve their chances of victory.

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