How to get Brigitte’s Peppermint Bark skin in Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland


The final week of Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is upon us. Players now have one more weekly challenge that gives them a chance to earn an epic skin, this time for the dive-countering support hero Brigitte.

Brigitte’s Peppermint Bark skin looks exactly the way that it sounds. With pink hair and speckles of peppermint all over her outfit, she looks like she belongs in the world of the Candy Land board game as much as she belongs in Overwatch’s universe.

Meanwhile, the brown base to her outfit matches the color of a chocolate bar that holds peppermint bark together.

Screengrab via Getting the skin is simple but may take you a little while. All you need to do to get the skin is play 27 games of quick play, competitive, or arcade. Games that you win count as two. Players have from today until Jan. 6, when the Winter Wonderland event ends, to rack up the necessary wins to earn the skin.

Along with getting the epic skin, players can earn other cosmetics as they progress through the weekly challenge. After nine games, players get a Peppermint Bark Brigitte player icon. And after 18 games, they get a similarly themed spray.

Prior to this week, players could complete an identical challenge that would earn them a Mistletoe skin for Symmetra. During the first week of the Winter Wonderland event, the available challenge culminated in earning a Wooltide Tracer skin.