How to find the Unendurable Frenzy incantation in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is full of weapons, gear, and incantations that players can find on their journey through the Lands Between.

The latter, incantations, are the equivalent of spells in the new FromSoftware title. This can be anything from healing casts to violent bursts of lightning sent flailing towards enemies.

One incantation is known as the Unendurable Frenzy. It packs quite the punch, and those going the mage-like route will be happy to add it to their collection. They need to head to Yelough Anix Ruins.

How to obtain the Unendurable Frenzy incantation in Elden Ring

Players will need to find both pieces of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. This can be done after defeating Morgott the Omen King in the Royal Capital. The medallion halves can be found at Mountaintops of the Giants.

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A player has obtained the Unendurable Frenzy incantation in Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

The Haligtree Secret Medallion will open up the Grand Lift of Rold for use and take Elden Ring players to the Consecrated Snowfield. This region is where the Yelough Anix Ruins is located.

Head southwest to the Consecrated Snowfield area to find the ruins. A stairwell leads underground and is surrounded by walls. Walk along the walls until an opening is located.

Defeat the enemy that sits there and moves through the walls’ gap. Players can now head down the stairs into the central portion of the ruins. Inside of a chest sits the Unendurable Frenzy incantation.

What is the Undendurable Frenzy incantation?

This Elden Ring incantation grants players a violent burst of yellow flames that shoot from their eyes. The in-game description for the incantation reads:

“Incantation originating from the maddening Three Fingers. Causes the yellow flame of frenzy to violently burst forth from the caster’s eyes. Hold to continue channeling the flame. This incantation can be used while in motion. It is the maddening pain, and unstoppable tears of those afflicted with the flame of frenzy brought into being.”

This damaging spell requires a Faith stat of 31, costs 40 Stamina, and uses 42 Faith Points when cast. It is one of the cooler-looking incantations in the game and dishes out some heavy damage.

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