How many hours did Pokimane stream on Twitch in 2021?

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is considered as one of the top female content creators on Twitch, having the ninth most-followed channel across the entire platform. The OfflineTV member has seen huge success on Twitch, with 2021 being one of her best years on record.

Despite her high viewership and follower rate, it might be surprising to learn that she doesn’t stream as much as other content creators. For the entirety of 2021, Anys streamed for over 900 hours in total, with a majority being spent in one particular game.

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Pokimane has streamed for over 900 hours in 2021

According to the Twitch metrics site TwitchTracker, for 365 days in 2021, Pokimane streamed for 963 hours in total. On average, each of her streams lasted for around three to six hours, sometimes more. Throughout her Twitch career, she has streamed for 5,058 hours.

The largest number of hours she streamed in a single month was 105, which she racked up in May 2021, and which also happens to be her birthday month. Throughout the year, the days of the week when she streamed the most were Friday and Sunday, with Monday being the least often.

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Wednesdays and Thursdays where when she would stream for longer periods of time. In 2021, she actively streamed for 233 days. It won’t be a surprise for her fans to learn that she streamed Valorant the most (with 427 hours of stream time) while Just Chatting was her second most-streamed category, sitting at 313 hours.

Anys did not face any suspensions or bans in 2021, so her stream time was left unaffected. Her 2022 streaming time could come up short, however, seeing as how she faced a two-day suspension in January for streaming the popular Western cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Despite Anys’ total stream hours being comparatively less than other top content creators, she managed to gain a large following, averaging 21.3k viewers per stream while amassing 1.62 million new followers by the end of the year.

Her highest-viewed stream was during her Rust era, when she played on the OfflineTV server alongside a large number of streamers consisting of both members and non-members of the content creation group.

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