Halo Infinite developer 343 promises to address ranked cheaters, Big Team Battle in first 2022 community update

Despite a successful launch in November to much praise, Halo Infinite’s first few months on the market have been mired by a myriad of issues plaguing its multiplayer component. With the holidays behind us and the majority of 343 Industries back at work, community director Brian “ske7ch” Jarrard posted the first update on its current plans to the Halo Waypoint forums.

While a broader post and roadmap are being worked on for later release, here are the spotlights for planned patches surrounding Big Team Battle’s matchmaking issues and the prevalence of cheaters in ranked play.

Big Team Battle’s lack of playability due to matchmaking was discussed. Ske7ch explained that a strike force was set up during the holiday break to try and tackle the core issue of instability, with a potentially successful fix currently in QA testing. While unable to give any exact dates, 343i hopes to release the hotfix sooner rather than later to get Big Team Battle back online. Just don’t expect it to drop this week.

Ske7ch also mentioned the conversation around cheaters in both social and ranked playlists, promising that an upcoming patch in mid-February aims to address this and more. While that might be further out than some players would like, he stresses the update contains a number of improvements and that more details will be available closer to its release.

With season two still months away, slated for release in May, hopes remain that 343i can effectively address complaints and quality-of-life requests during the rest of this beginning season and put Halo Infinite into a healthy spot for the latter half of 2022.