Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus tips and tricks for easy completion

Genshin Impact’s Theater Mechanicus recently came back, and some players (unsurprisingly) want tips to clear it. The main problem that some would have with it is that they’re incapable of dealing damage to the enemies in this event. Instead, they have to rely on various Mechanici to do all of the work for them.

That doesn’t mean that the player’s team comp is pointless in this situation. Instead, setting up a team comp is primarily for applying Elements and CC to enemies. Doing so should hopefully give the nearby Mechanici enough time to eliminate these threats.

Tips and tricks to easily clear Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact

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The goal is to score over a certain threshold to claim all of the rewards (Image via miHoYo)

There are four main parts of Theater Mechanicus in this Genshin Impact event:

  1. Whither the Wind Wens
  2. Slumber Spirit’s Bridge
  3. Autumnal Resplendence
  4. Springtide Advent

Each part will be released on a different day. Genshin Impact players have until the end of the Hues of the Violet Garden to complete every stage of Theater Mechanicus (April 25, 2022).

Tips for clearing Theater Mechanicus easily in Genshin Impact

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Players only need 2,500 points in the first two challenges to get all of the rewards (Image via miHoYo)

Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  • Permafreeze teams can help stall some enemy advancements.
  • You will get some points to construct more Mechanici throughout the battle.
  • Mystic Stick: Falling and Mystic Stick: Continuation are extremely valuable.
  • Making an Adeptus Bridge vanish instantly gets rid of any ground-based threat (but don’t close it before the enemy is on it, as they won’t fall then).
  • The default Mechanici are fine and don’t need to be replaced to score enough points to get all of the rewards
  • It’s useful to place the Banishment Mechanici in chokeholds that block the enemies’ advancement.
  • You don’t have to defeat every enemy (it’s okay for some enemies to make it through).
  • Generally, it’s more beneficial to have Mechanici in the lower levels near the enemy spawns.
  • Stay near the top to close the Adeptus Bridge whenever necessary.
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An example of some enemies falling to their doom (Image via miHoYo)

The cube mechanism responsible for closing the bridge has a cooldown (which is shortened by Mystic Stick: Falling by a whopping 12 seconds). Enemies that fall to their demise still give players points as if they were defeated by a regular Mechanici.

The general core gameplay will be similar for all of the stages. The exact Wondrous Sticks used might differ, but the general idea of using CC and closing the Adeptus Bridge is a consistently viable strategy.

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