Genshin Impact censorship and alternate outfits for all regions: All you need to know

The community has criticized Genshin Impact’s latest alternate outfits due to censorship concerns.

Many gamers don’t like their video games unnecessarily censored, making it a hot topic. In Genshin Impact’s case, a few characters recently received alternate outfits. These new attires are more modest than their original designs but are optional for most players.

However, they’re not optional for Chinese players. Because miHoYo is a Chinese company, many Travelers worry that future designs will also be censored to placate the current political environment.

Censorship in Genshin Impact via alternate outfits

Most Travelers recently got the new alternate outfits through the in-game mail. To equip it, they have to:

  1. Open up the character menu.
  2. Click on the clothes hanger icon.
  3. Equip the relevant costume in the Dressing Room.
  4. Click on “Switch” to save it.

These optional costumes (for non-Chinese servers) are given for free to global players and are available for all future players. The following characters recently received these costumes:

  • Amber
  • Jean
  • Mona
  • Rosaria
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The four new Alternate Outfits in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

All four new costumes were made to make the characters look more modest than before. Essentially, there is no emphasis on cleavage or derrieres. It’s unknown if future characters will get complete overhauls like these four.

Travelers will still get these clothes, even if they don’t own the character. They use the same default icon as the other default attire in the Dressing Room. Each costume has a different description than their default attire.

The above tweet shows the original outfits side-by-side with the new ones. It displays a front and a back view of the four characters. Travelers should get used to seeing these designs (even if they don’t like them), as the NPC versions of these characters will use them in the future.

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From an official HoYoLAB article (Image via miHoYo)

The most important part of the above image is the second half. NPC versions of Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona will now always use their Alternate Outfits in Genshin Impact 2.5 and beyond. This change will also affect animation cutscenes.

It’s also worth noting that this change affects every player in Genshin Impact. It only alters the designs of the NPC versions of these characters, but it’s still technically a form of censorship that has players talking about it.

Other minor censorships in Genshin Impact

Seem like Ningguang costume textures were slightly adjusted in recent update (?).Just checked in game, and seem like that, yeah.

Other censorship is more minor than overhauls of a character’s clothing. The above tweet is an excellent example of that, as Ningguang’s shoulder blades have gotten smoothed out in her new skin. This change is currently visible in the game, much to the dissatisfaction of some parts of the fanbase.

Interestingly, characters like Eula still have their original shoulder blades. It’s currently unknown if every character will have it removed in the future, although it does concern some fans.

The topic of censorship in Genshin Impact is divisive, as genuine people love the new alternate outfits. The latest design changes show that some aspects of the game will be altered for future versions, regardless of the region.

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