Forza Horizon 5 player finds a game-breaking shortcut for “Airfield UTV Cup” event lab track

Forza Horizon 5 players are never bound by a limited amount of races in the huge Mexico-based world. Thanks to the Event Labs tool in the game, general players can create their own tracks, and the community can enjoy it with everyone else.

If a custom event gets enough hype from the fans, the Event Labs menu features these races on their front page to get players to join the fun. Most of these races are usually fun. However, these races lose their purpose once a game-breaking shortcut is found.

I know it’s not Wednesday, but I’m impatient.I made this purely to show how I made this. Which I realise now makes absolutely no sense.This is entirely in-game. No editing.

The same has happened with the “Airfield UTV Cup” track, where a player has found an unintentional shortcut that lets players skip half of the race.

Forza Horizon 5 “Airfield UTV Cup” game-breaking shortcut

The “Airfield UTV Cup” race takes place in the abandoned airport in the south of Mulege. In this event, players are supposed to race with a buggy with the sole intention of PvP gameplay. However, a Redditor, u/SpeedWorkIsBae, with keen eyes and skills, was able to find a shortcut that lets them neglect half of the race track.

While some shortcuts are made in the game with pure intentions, the UTV Cup one is an unintentional one, and the creator wasn’t aware of it. To show the shortcut, the Redditor recorded their gameplay with a buggy to expose it to the rest of the player base.

This shortcut can be taken by taking a left turn, just after jumping off the first ramp to deviate from the entire course. Now, to get back on track the player has to drive towards the old hanger and take the narrow passage between the left bus.

If pulled off flawlessly, the players are able to skip half of the race and gain an upper edge over competitors.

The race is still available in the Event Labs rotation and players can gain every reward from it, however, it is not known if Forza Horizon 5 will take this exploit into notice and sabotage it. Games are better if played fairly as it doesn’t damage the game’s ecosystem and keep things equal for all.

However, this exploit is not as major as other big glitches from the game in the past, like infinite super-wheelspin and bugs that allow players to bank in huge sums of credit and experience points.

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