Fortnite could be getting a ‘no build’ limited-time mode


Epic Games is working on a “no build” limited-time mode (LTM), according to prominent Fortnite content creator and reliable data miner HYPEX. 

This potential LTM would reportedly make one of the game’s main mechanics and key features optional. The “no build” game mode could bring new players to Epic’s battle royale by eliminating one of the most difficult mechanics in the game. But the “no build” game mode will only be available for a limited time, according to the leak. 

Reminder that Epic are working on a “No Build” LTM.. I feel like this LTM would be so good right now with the Spiderman Mythic & Sliding 🔥 They’d just need to reduce damage to enviroment in that LTM.

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) December 29, 2021 Fortnite LTMs are events that have a limited duration and aren’t necessarily permanent additions to the game. HYPEX feels a no build mode would be a “good” addition to the game at this time with the “Spiderman Mythic and Sliding” mechanics implemented during Fortnite Chapter Three, season one. 

LTMs usually last a week, so it may be difficult for longtime players to acclimate to the mode and get used to playing without one of the battle royale’s main mechanics. But once the developers get feedback from the community, some modes have proven to return more than once. Other LTMs only make a brief appearance during a specific event or a holiday, such as Love Shot, Fortnitemares, and Ice Storm.

Aside from the news of the potential new game mode, there are no details on how the “no build” LTM works or when it could be added to Fortnite.