FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to complete the FUT 19 SBC in FUT 22

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s celebration of the mode’s anniversary continues with the ongoing FUT Birthday promo with yet another single-task SBC. With the availability of the FUT 19 SBC, players now have the chance to do yet another single-task SBC and get something valuable for their respective squads. If a player is lucky, they could also potentially get a FUT Birthday item that they will be able to use in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The FUT Birthday cards offer special boosts in the Weak Foot and Skill Moves department. The upgrades are permanent, making the cards highly valuable in the meta. However, getting them out of the packs can be difficult due to their lower odds than normal cards. The best thing to do for the players is to complete SBCs like FUT 19, which gives them another try at getting a FUT Birthday item.

Tasks, cost, and review of the FUT 19 SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Task of the SBC

Nationalities: Min 3

Same League Count: Max 4

Same Nation Count: Min 4

Squad Rating: Min 75

Team Chemistry: Min 80

# of players in the Squad: 10

The FUT 19 SBC has an approximate completion cost of 6,300-7,200 FUT coins which varies based on the player’s platform. There’s scope for the use of a lot of fodder from a player’s collection. This will greatly reduce the cost of doing the task.

Like the previous releases, the FUT 19 SBC is live in the game for two days and every player can complete it at most once.

Review of the FUT 19 SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The FUT 19 SBC will reward players with a Jumbo Premium Players pack upon completion. Based on the rewards alone, this is the second-best available reward under FUT SBCs. There’s an incredible chance of getting some good items or useful fodder as an alternative.

Additionally, there’s also a bonus FUT Birthday Swaps token. These tokens can now be used in the Swaps program in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. There are several valuable rewards available, including guaranteed FUT Birthday items.

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