FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to complete the FUT 16 SBC in FUT 22

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s celebration of the anniversary of the mode continues under the ongoing FUT Birthday with the release of another single task SBC.

The FUT Birthday promo includes special items that have received permanent upgrades in the Weak Foot or Skill Move departments. The cards that have been released so far have all belonged to those with Weak Foot permanent upgrades. These cards are available in packs and can be obtained but at low odds.

There is no guarantee to obtain a FUT Birthday promo item. It can cost players a lot of coins. FUT 16 SBC rewards players with one additional pack containing valuable items. With some luck, players can find a FUT Birthday item added to their respective FIFA 22 Ultimate Team squads.

Task, cost and review of the FUT 16 SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Task of the SBC

Leagues: Min 3

Nationalities: Min 5

Same Club Count: Max 4

Rare: Min 4

Squad Rating: Min 75

Team Chemistry: Min 90

# of players in the Squad: 10

The cost of completion of the FUT 16 SBC is between 8,500-11,000 FUT coins depending on the player’s platform. There are a lot of opportunities for players to complete the task with fodder from their collections.

The FUT 16 SBC is available for less than three days like the previous releases. It’s also a non-repeatable SBC and can be completed at most once.

Review of the FUT 16 SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Upon completion, players will receive a Premium Gold Players pack. Based on the rewards alone, the SBC ranks lower than some other FUT SBCs have been like. The only solace is the easy set of requirements, allowing players to complete them cheaply.

There is a strong incentive for players in the form of a FUT Swap token. These tokens can be used to redeem a lot of valuable rewards. These rewards also include a guaranteed FUT Birthday item at higher levels. This makes the completion of FUT 16 SBC necessary for players who want to earn valuable rewards.

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