Fairy Pokémon weaknesses and counters in Pokémon Go


Of all the 18 Pokémon types in the Pokémon franchise, Fairy has the most limited selection of species. The typing was introduced in generation six and is the newest typing to have been added to the series.

Despite the limited number of options, there are still some powerful Fairy-type Pokémon that may give other trainers a run for their money.

In Pokémon Go, all types have a set of strengths and weaknesses that will dictate how they fare in battle. Fairy-type Pokémon are strong against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting-type Pokémon, but are weak to Poison and Steel types. With Fairy Pokémon’s vulnerability to two different types of moves, there’s a variety of counters worth picking if you’re going up against Fairy types in your next battle.

Here are some of the best Pokémon to counter Fairy types with in Pokémon Go. In Pokémon Go, Fairy-type Pokémon are weak to Steel-type and Poison-type.

Steel The first weakness that Fairy-type Pokémon have is Steel-type moves. This means the best choices to take into battle are Steel-type Pokémon with high damage output. One of the best options is Metagross. With a combination of the Steel-type moves Bullet Punch and Meteor Crash, Metagross will make short work of any Fairy-type opposition.

If the combat situation allows for it, the Legendary Pokémon Dialga is also an excellent choice with its high powerful damage output and wide selection of moves including Metal Claw and Iron Head. Another effective Legendary Pokémon is Genesect, since any of its forms can use Metal Claw and Magnet Bomb to facilitate a powerful damage output.

Another popular Steel-type choice is Scizor. While not as powerful as some of the other species mentioned, Scizor is popular and should not be too difficult to locate and capture without the need of completing any raids.

Poison The other type of Pokémon that is perfect to take into battle is Poison. One of your best choices in this department is the Grass and Poison dual-type Pokémon Roserade. With a pairing of Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb, this Pokémon can dispose of Fairy-type opposition easily. Other great options include Toxicroak, Scolipede, Victreebel, and Vileplume.

Using a Poison-type Pokémon grants you resistance to Fairy-type attacks that aren’t present in other types that may also have access to Poison-type attacks.

While both types will give you the greatest chance of taking down a Fairy-type opposition, selecting the appropriate choice for battle may come down to the specific Pokémon species you face. You will need to pay attention to see if the Fairy-type Pokémon has a second type that could potentially nullify its weakness to either Steel or Poison-type moves.