Everything we know about codename ‘Sprinter,’ VALORANT’s next agent


VALORANT Agent 19 is fast approaching.

Riot Games has left a trail of breadcrumbs hinting towards the game’s upcoming agent. Described as an agent who can “outpace the rest of the roster,” “shock” the competition, and “slide straight into the fight,” codename “Sprinter” is almost certainly a duelist.

In a recent State of the Agents blog post, Sprinter is pictured in a pair of blue running shoes, pulsing with electricity, practically confirming the agent’s thunderous thematic.

Image via Riot Games On Dec. 12, during the finals of VCT Champions, a cryptic teaser for the agent was unveiled. A female voice can be heard saying: “Enemies in our way? I hope they like getting by lightning” and “Get ready, I go fast,” further hinting towards the agent’s skill set. 

When VALORANT was updated on Dec. 8, voice lines were added to the game, including several for Chamber. “When you go meet the new agent, maybe pack something light, Manila is quite warm this time of year,” the Frenchman says to Viper, indicating Sprinter reigns from the Philippines.

It remains to be seen when Sprinter will make her debut in VALORANT, but with Riot putting a bigger focus on agents and agent balance in 2022, she may well be coming around the corner soon.