Esports could be included in Victoria 2026 after Birmingham pilot


The final weekend of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, UK, saw the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships held as a two-day pilot, with the aim of assessing whether esports could be a part of the Games proper going forwards.

With this very expansion in mind, Katie Sadleir, CEO of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), has said: “We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Global Esports Federation which doesn’t stop after this Games. It is a long-term commitment to learning, transferring knowledge.

“We will evaluate all options and look at what is the best win-win for the partnership. It’s not just about whether or not we would like esports in the Games, it’s also about whether or not esports wants to be inside the Games.”

The esports event was held at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre, and the atmosphere is obviously different to a traditional sports event. But this is the whole point, with the CGF keen to tap into a different and younger audience.

Esports will be a part of next year’s Asian Games, maybe the Commonwealth Games in 2026 and possibly even a future Olympic Games also.